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This website is all about my unique automobile. She looks a lot like an MG, but she is different in many aspects. Her name is Symphony and she was created by Charles Ward of the famous Coach building firm Park Ward. He built her as a prototype, but because of the fact that Park Ward was taken over by Rolls Royce and therefore was not allowed to built cars for other manufacturers only but one was ever built. Have Fun! 



This car is unique in the world; only but one was ever built. What is specific about this car is that the famous carrossier Park Ward Bodyworks built her. A firm that generally was only involved with Rolls Royce and Bentley coachwork. Mr. Ward designed and hand-built on his own initiative this aluminium body using an MG TA chassis. This style-study forms the basis for the Bentley body-style, which was launched in 1949.
From the original car this was all that there was over when she was brought to Holland in 1985.

Here she was dismantled to the last nut and bolt, all the parts renovated and where necessary rebuilt.
After 4000 hours, spread over 7 years this unique MG arose, as a Phoenix from the ashes.

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